Rules and Regulations

  1. Official Documents:
    • Official Flying Field Rules and Flight Procedures can be found here
    • Click  here for the Country Squire Modelers bylaws.
    • Click here for the AMA safety code
  2. Only club members with current AMA membership or a guest of such member may fly!
  3. Flying Zone:
    • No flying is permitted inside the boundaries of the runways, including the infield, the pit area and the parking area behind the pit area.
    • We are guests of a state park and must exercise extreme caution and courtesy to others in the park. Therefore, no flying is permitted over any area beyond the exit road to the South and West of the field. This area includes the beach, the parking lot, the circle and the guard stations. No flying is permitted over the picnic area to the East that is bordered by the brush line along the North-South runway. To the North, flying is prohibited anywhere near the white house at the entrance to the park.

fly zone